Murillo Fair - 2024 Entry Form

Thank you for using the Murillo Fair web entry form. There are 4 steps to post your entries online:

Terms & Conditions

The membership fee can be paid when you pick up your entry tags or when you drop off your entries beginning Tuesday (13th) and Wednesday (14th) from 6-8 pm as well as Thursday (14th) from 2-8:00 pm.  Entry tags will not be mailed. PLEASE DO NOT SELECT THAT OPTION.  All entries are due online no later than Thursday, August 18, 2022 at 7 pm, judging will be on Friday, August 18, 2023 Membership for the 2024 year will be $10.00 per person.  For anyone having problems entering online, help will be available in the Lil Everett Exhibit Hall at the times listed above.

Livesock entries and fees are due no later than 8:00 pm on Thursday, August 17. There is a $1.00 livestock fee per entry.  Livestock, and small animals may be brought in on Friday from 1 - 4 pm or Saturday from 7:30 to 8:30 am.

Upon making an Entry, the Exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless the Oliver Agricultural Society, its members, agents and employees from and against all claims, demands, losses, costs, damages, actions, suits or proceedings by any third parties that may arise out of, or may attribute to, all operations performed by or carried out by the Exhibitor, his/her agents, employees, or servants, or anyone for whose acts he/she may be held liable, howsoever caused.

Personal information on this entry form is collected under the privacy policy of the Oliver Agricultural Society. The information on this form will be used for payment of prize money, mailing lists and publication of winner names. By completing and submitting this form, the exhibitor consents to information being used as described.

If you decide not to enter an article that you have entered online, please let the people at the desk in the Exhibit Hall know so that the judges are not looking for an item which has not been entered.

The following entries are made according to the rules and regulations of the Oliver Agricultural Society, which I hereby accept.